Business mentoring is a free, supportive relationship based on trust and mutual respect. In this privileged and confidential relationship, a person of experience (the mentor) wants to share his expertise in entrepreneurship and volunteer support to a less experienced person (the mentee) to transfer his knowledge and skills. In short, business mentoring aims to make the mentee more competent, faster, and at a lower cost.

Statistics reveal that this service is very beneficial both in the start-up phase, expansion or transfer of a company. The presence of a mentor allows 73% of companies to pass the 5-year mark, whereas this rate usually is 34%.

The benefits of mentoring

Benefit from the wisdom and the baggage of an experienced entrepreneur;

Enhance entrepreneurial skills (develop or refine critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, communication skills, organization sense and effectiveness, ability to work in a team environment and its resilience);

  • Breaking isolation, finding support, listening, motivation and encouragement;
  • Reduce stress and achieve a better balance between personal and professional life;
  • Double the chances of survival of your business;
  • Take a fresh look at your company.